Just to the east of Hinkley’s beautiful house and evening atmosphere, is his garage. Mr. Hinkley was a very proper man, knowing how to treat his special lady and greet his guests. But one thing is for sure, he never lost his humble roots of who he was – kind, wise and always grounded. Welcome to Leon’s Garage. The true place to drop the status, reward yourself for a good day of hard work and connect with the people you love who make it all worth it. “No ties after five” is the sentiment of the garage.

Be you, be true and have a fantastic time with friends. With more than 20 taps and a long list of bottles, Leon’s Garage is where you come back to your roots. Enjoy live music, great local craft beers and sandwiches worth sharing with friends. Husband and wife, or groups of friends can start at Hinkley’s house for a fine night of dining and cocktails, but head on down to the garage when you’re done and let loose in a nostalgia-filled garage of the classic 30s-50s automotive service centers. 

Leon’s Garage brings you back to what matters – great beer, great friends and great food. Escape the “busy” and relax. We’ll make it a great time!

Enjoy the ride.

HInkley Grocer
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